ISO 9001 2015, CSR and GSV certifications
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We are a professional tool bag and luggage manufacturer which complies with ISO 9001 2015 certification, also pass the CSR and GSV inspection through European and American companies.

We get the ISO 9001 2015 certification

We meet the below requirements.

1.Customer focus


3.Full participation

4.Process approach


6.Evidence-based policymaking

7.Relationship management

We get the CSR certification of Wal-Mart.

It’s our responsibility andduty to preserve nature, cherish resources, save energy & reduce emission,and do whatever is good for nature.

Taking harmonious as precious, being nice to others, and being thankful. Treatpeople and do things with kind and lenient attitude, respect for human rights,be enthusiastic to public welfare.

We get the GSV certification of Wal-Mart.

This verification focused on existing processes, procedures and infrastruturerelated to the following area of supply chain securities:
1.Export Logistics;
2.Physical Security;
3.Shipment information control;
4.Personel Security;
5.Storage and Distribution;
6.Information Access Control;
7.Record and Documentation;
8.Contractor Control.