One minute to let you know the customization process of tool bag OEM.
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As personalized customization of tool bag becomes more and more popular, many enterprises are more and more inclined to choose customized tool bag when choosing business gifts or welfare gifts.  It is no exaggeration to say that most large and medium-sized enterprises have found tool bag manufacturers to customize tool bag.  However, there are still some procurement personnel who do not understand the tool bag customization industry or even the cooperation process with tool bag manufacturers.  Next, I will take you through the process of bag customization in one minute.

Step 1: Find a professional tool bag manufacturer, make preliminary communication with the business personnel of the manufacturer, and truthfully inform their needs in detail, such as style requirements, customized quantity, budget range, actual use, etc. If there are samples, it is better to provide them to the tool bag manufacturer so that they can produce and manufacture according to the samples.

Step 2: Listen to the suggestions given by the tool bag manufacturers, and you can also let them recommend some styles, because the manufacturing process and cost are still well understood by the professional manufacturers. Of course, if the recommended styles can be directly satisfied, they need not be created out of thin air at great pains.

Step 3: Let tool bag manufacturers arrange proofing according to requirements, which will incur proofing costs, as long as both parties finally negotiate a satisfactory price.  At this stage of the negotiation, it is time to really test the proofing level of the manufacturers.

Step 4: If you are satisfied with the samples, you can place an order for production according to the established time limit.  Of course, dissatisfaction is a small tragedy. The manufacturer needs to return the backpack samples to the furnace for reconstruction. As a demand enterprise, it will have to wait a while before it can see the revised samples for the next edition.

Step 5: Reach a customized cooperation agreement for tool bag contract manufacturing and formally sign a contract with the tool bag manufacturer.  At this time, the tool bag manufacturer will arrange to make the production sheet of the process, and carry out some processes and work processes such as material preparation, plate opening, material cutting, sewing, bag turning, packaging, etc.

Step 6: After the tool bag manufacturer completes the production and manufacture of the bulk goods, sample the quality of the bulk goods.  If it is confirmed that there is no quality problem, the manufacturer can basically deliver the goods and then wait for the goods to be received.